Pralin delegation at the Malá inventura festival

In frame of the 18th volume of Malá inventura festival a special delegation of berlin professionals from the field of performing arts is established. The aim of the delegation is to offer an insight into the local scene and artistic environment of Prague.


Delegation members: 

Carolin Galvis / Performing Arts Program
Florian Hohnhorst / Performing Arts Program
Rike Reiniger / Director / writer
Barbora Schnelle / Drama Panorama
Henning Bochert / Drama Panorama
Léna Szirmay-Kalos / Montag Modus
Sarah Kindermann / Performing Arts Program
Yael Sherill / B_tour
Lianne Mol / B_tour
Florence Freitag / Artist / curator
Rosalind Masson / Artist / curator
Janina Benduski / Performing Arts Program
Paula Knüpling / cmd+c company
Marina Prados / cmd+c company
Almut Wedekind / Schaubude
Thomas Jens / Chief editor - Kreativ Kultur Berlin
Janette Mickan / Monologfestival / Theater Discounter
Elena Bolsuna / ACUD Theater
Neitah Janzig  / Freelance Artist

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